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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review: Food Drive Fundraiser for the Perrera!!!!

To most - the word Perrera does not mean a sinlge thing - however to the people of Playa Del Carmen - the Perrera is a place that many of us would never like to visit as it is too heartbreaking. The Perrera is the City Pound - The Municipality has the unfortunate job of trying to control irresponsible pet ownership, dog over population problems and animal cruelty cases. It is against the law to have your dog running loose in Playa. It poses a health risk for humans and other animals alike. Their job is to gather dogs on the street and take them to the holding area at the pererra. The pet owners have 72 hours to retrieve their pet with a fine. If no one claims the dog, the sad truth is that they will be put to sleep.

The problem in Playa (and most of Mexico) is that owners treat their dogs like cats - they let them run free on the streets. Because it is against the law to have your dog run free - regardless if the animal has a collar on or not - if an employee from the Perrera sees a dog roaming free ('The Dog Catcher') - he/she will pick up the animal and take it back to the pound with the notion that it has three days to be claimed or it gets put down.

Another sad truth about the Perrera is that they have very little food to feed these animals during their three days in the cell awaiting their fate. The new Municipal Vet Carlos is very interested in changing the conditions at the pound that he invited the founders of the main animal organizations in Playa to take a tour around and see first hand the conditions - as well ask for their help! Malix Pek, Coco's Cat Rescue and The Peanut Pet Shelter came together and decided to host a Food Drive event at a local bar in town to raise funds and have the attenders donate food to the dogs at the Perrera!

Thanks to the people who attended the event and those that could not (but donated money online instead) - the Perrera raised over $600 and over 80 bags of food!!!!!!!! The event ended up being a hugee success - amazing work!!!

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