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Friday, March 12, 2010

Carmen Update!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry that this post has taken so long - I know many of you are anxiously awaiting the update on Carmen and her progress. Thanks to her vet, Diageo of Playa Pets, Carmen has healed 100% after the removal of her front, left leg. I'm really not sure where Carmen came from - as she is out of this world - despite having gone through everything she has in her short life so far - Carmen proves time and time again that she can overcome anything without a single whine. After her surgery, just over a month ago, when I picked her up from the vet clinic - she was already trying to jump and wag her tail anxiously with excitement.

Within a day of her surgery she was back to her old self - actually correction - she was much better than her old self - she seemed so much happier and had so much more life to her - without her front leg that she must have been dragging for over a year - she was finally free of pain. Carmen walked so much better on only three legs and had no issue whatsoever hopping up stairs. She seemed much more confident and her personality finally started to shine through. Carmen is one of the happiest dogs that I have met - not only is she full of life but she loves everyone and everything. Ever since she became a 3 legged dog - she gets more attention than I have ever gotten in my entire life - and she is loving it!!!!!! Two weeks after her surgery, thanks to Laura from Coco's Cat Rescue, Carmen was taken to get spayed!!!!!!! Below are some images of Carmen's life in the last month:

Carmen can move just as fast as any other dog and can jump just as high. Currently right now I am foster a dog from The Peanut Pet Shelter (will be posting her story shortly) - and Carmen is in heaven! They sleep together, eat together, play together and love each other like crazy!!!! Carmen loves other animals (both dogs and cats)! As I mentioned in her first story - anyone who adopts Carmen will be the luckiest person/family. She is full of joy and has so much love to give. This street dog that once was so sad and in so much pain as well as used a dirt pile as her bed has touch my heart so much that I will be forever greatful to her. I have had a few people interested in the possibility of adoption but nothing is 100% as of yet. I will be bringing her back to Toronto in the middle of June (I will NOT be leaving her in Mexico) - she has been spayed, de-wormed, updated on all her shots and tested for any tick related disease. Her flight will be paid for - the only thing she needs is a home that will love her as much as I do. Carmen would be the perfect pet therapy dog (my doggie, Chanel, in Toronto is a Certified Therapy Dog) and it would also be a great way for people to see just how well adjusted a dirty, flea/tick infested street dog can turn out to be :) 

If anyone is 100% interested in the possibility of adopting this wonderful dog please email me at: - my heart breaks just thinking about having to give her away :( Thank you for all that have been following Carmen's story - more updates and pictures will be posted shortly.


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