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Friday, March 12, 2010

For All You Cat Lovers..........

Laura Jonguitud Raikes, founder of Coco's Cat Rescue in Playa Del Carmen, started Coco's just over a year ago. Coco's started the TNR (trap spay/neuter return) program in Playa where it is designed to decrease the feral cat population in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. On top of that she takes in sick/abandoned feral kittens to her home - nurses them back to health, tames them and finds the kitten's forever homes. Many of the kittens are sent off to Canada or the States where Coco's has many proud supporters. Cross borader adoption is extremely easy to do - however unfortunately many people are unaware of this. Laura helps local residents with their pets (many of which cannot afford proper vet care for their animal) and provides free or low-cost spay and neuter surgeries, as well as vaccinations and basic animal care. In just a year of Coco's operating - here are their satistics: Feral trap neuter return- 354, Owner assisted cats sterilized-288, Owner assisted dogs sterilized-95, kittens rescued 232, kittens rehomed 215 and 12 kittens are still up for adoption. Coco's is now working with 5 local vets here in Playa del Carmen who offer services free of charge.

Woohoo give it up for Coco's!!!!!!!!

Coco's has been involved in a number of events recently - one being - they took part in International Spay Day 2010. In one day alone they managed to have over 120 cats neutered/spayed as well as 2 rescue dogs (including my Carmen). Although to some, 120 cats do not seem like too many - if you think about how many babies alone could have been produced by these cats - in reality 1000s have been saved from a potentially awful life on the streets.

Last week - Laura, myself along with other volunteers spent the day along 5th street in Playa Del Carmen sitting at a booth with some featured kittens to promote Coco's to locals and vacationers. The purpose of this was to raise awareness of the feral cat problem in Mexico and sell  merchandise to raise money for the relief efforts of Coco's. All in all - the day was a huge success. We had many people stop to ask questions, buy merchandise and donate a few dollars. We managed to raise well over $200US dollars, sell lots of items and most importantly educated those who were unaware of the increasingly large overpopulation problem here in Mexico.

Below are a few pictures of our day on 5th:

For those of you that are interested in finding out more information about Coco's or their featured kittens available for adoption - please visit their homepage at or become a fan of theirs on facebook. Furthermore, for those that are not able to donate but would like to help them in anyway please invite your friends on facebook to become fans of Coco's or donate $2.00 with just a simple click on the computer - Subscribe (its free) to the Pet News Plus monthly email newsletter and Coco's will receive $2 in your name! Make sure to click on the verification link that comes in your email to make it count -

Lastly, on March 21st Coco's is having its 1 year anniversary party at Blue Parrot. Because the owners of Blue Parrot (best nightclub - along the beach - in Playa) are such animal lovers they have donated an open bar and food of up to 400 people for this event - this means that ALL proceeds of ticket sales go to Coco's. Amazing!!! Tickets are $250 pesos (approx $20US) for a night out at Blue Parrot with open bar, hugee silent auction, appetizers and live music from famous Mexican singer Saul Hernandez. If you are in the Playa area during that time please let me know so I can provide you with more information. I'm sure this night will be a night to remember - especially since a great cause will be supported.

Thank you Laura (Coco's) for doing all you do - her amazing dedication to animals is helping decrease the Mexican animal overpopulation one step at a time!!!!!!!!

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