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Thursday, March 25, 2010

RIP Oscar & Houston of The Peanut Pet Shelter


Sadly, regardless of the great efforts the Peanut Pet Shelter made to help save the lives of these two very special animals - it is with great sadness that both Oscar and Houston passed away this month. Out of all the 70+ animals at the shelter - these two dogs made such a lasting impact on me. Here are their stories: 

Oscar came to the shelter back in Jan after Jen and Andy found out about him from a man named Oscar - whom had been feeding him. The state Oscar was in at the time was worse than awful - from the look of it - this poor pitbull had a devastating past. Down in Mexico - pitbulls are greatly used for fighting. Andy and Jen suspected that Oscar was a fighting dog who had been discarded when he was of no further value, as is the way with many fighting pitbulls. They are either killed or left to fend for themselves on the streets. We know for sure that the life of a fighting pitbull is a harsh one and they are subjected to horrific mistreatment in order that they achieve the required level of aggressiveness. Oscar came to the shelter having no emotion - instead he would look blankly at everyone and had sadness written all over his eyes. By the end of his short lived stay at the shelter - Oscar completely transformed (due to the love and kindness he received) - instead of sadness filling his eyes - he was filled with hope and happiness. Oscar learned how to play, jump and give kisses - in return he got so many well wishes from PPS supporters and most of all love from Andy and Jen as well as all the other visitors of the shelter. Everyone was praying that he would get his fur back - esp around his face and finally be healthy enough to be adopted into a loving, forever home. Sadly this was not the case - recently Oscar started to take a turn for the worst - Andy and Jen started noticing that he couldn't keep his balance and he was getting aggressive with the other dogs. After collapsing one afternoon they took him to the vets to get examined - unfortunately he never returned to the shelter - instead he passed away at the vets. Did his heart fail? Did he suffer a stroke? Liver failure? Was there perhaps a blood clot/scarring/fluid causing pressure on his brain? Sadly, they don’t know what happened to poor Oscar that day and will never know. On the brighter side - the last two months of Oscar's life was probably the happiest day's he had ever seen. He was finally shown the love and care he so desperately needed and deserved. The Peanut Pet Shelter tried everything for poor Oscar and created this video in his memory. RIP Beautiful Oscar

Houston was probably one of my favourite doggies at the shelter. Despite being hit by a car and breaking his pelvis enabling him to walk at the time - he made a full recovery (thanks to Andy and Jen) and ran around the shelter full of life. A lot of care went into his rehabilitation and he was soon good enough to run, jump and play with all the other doggies. Due to a blood related issue (that seems to happen in many dogs down here due to ticks), Houston never seemed to gain any weight. He was very skinny even though he liked to eat, eat, eat! Because Andy and Jen wanted to keep a closer eye on him they decided to bring him to their house where they could take better care of him. It is with great sadness to report that earlier this month - Houston experienced a very long, violent seizure that lasted almost 45 minutes. The only thing Jen could do at the time was protect him from hurting himself before his little heart stopped. Unfortunately due to the severity of the seizure there was no way any animal could survive it. After already going through so much in his short life - it is devastating that Houston's life had to end this way. Houston was so sweet and full of life at the shelter. Thank god he finally received the love he deserved (even if it was only for a short while) while at PPS. RIP Dear Houston 

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